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Bombing raid 

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Nuclear bomb 

In War Heroes, strategy is the key to victory. 

To understand the game a bit please see the following site page: Discover the game. 

To have a good strategy in the game you must have a minimum of "spell" cards: 

The bombardment is very effective against the "big" troops (which advance slowly): The Tank Cruiser, The researcher or The cabin of brave soldiers. 

Effective air support against troops at few hit points (army of brave soldiers, sling). To manage to win fairly easily, you must at least have in your deck the nuclear bomb (bomb that destroys everything in its path in brief) which especially allows to break up large troops like the flame thrower. 

Then just complete your deck with the cards you want (preferably not too expensive) because you already have three fairly expensive spells (5 + 7 + 3 = 15) and a Tank Cruiser. This way you can "turn" your deck to return to spells and cards that are expensive enough to counter the helicopter or Tank Cruiser of your opponent. 


Here you know everything about War Heroes. 

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