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War Heroes 

War Heroes is a game derived from Clash Royale where you have to collect cards and reach (as in Clash Royale) the highest possible warzone. The cards are completely different than those in Clash Royale and there is one basic thing that there is not in Clash Royale: There are generals to collect! What is a general? The general in War Heroes is a character who is not played but who has abilities like in Clash of Clans (see the page of Clash of Clans): according to which general you have, he will make appear different troops: a va create a Tank Cruiser every minute, the other will put barbed wire in your camp, which will inflict damage on the opposing troops when they pass over it, or a last general who will create reinforcements every seven "troops" cards played. (Of course there are others but it's up to you to discover them!) Example of cards to put imperatively in your deck: Bombing raid and air support (if you are in war zone 1 or 2) or the researcher and the Tank Cruiser (if you are in higher war zones). 

Best general in the three cities: The general who creates troops every seven "troops" cards played. 

Regarding the safes: 

The chests are almost like in Clash Royale but in the epic chest (equivalent to the magic chest in Clash Royale) must contain 1 heroic card (equivalent to a legendary). And in the Huge and Epic chest (equivalent to the Super Magic Chest in Clash Royale) it must contain at least 4 heroic cards and it is doubly cheaper than in Clash Royale !!! 

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Good game !!!